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Boldis Enterprises focuses on educating faculty students on the advancements of business industries and technological development. We provide quality written content meant to assist young entrepreneurs during their creation of their envisioned digital businesses.


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01. Strategic

Each article and resource posted by Boldis Enterprises is embedded with tips and suggestions meant to assist you on your journey to developing a digital business. The refined marketing strategies in each articles have been researched and applied.

02. Professional

The rich content provided by Boldis Enterprises is kept strictly marketing and business professional, with an additional appeal to students who wish to develop their own businesses. Language, terminology, and references are kept clean and simple to understand.

03. daily

Providing daily news articles and blog posts not only keep you as a reader in tune with the contemporary situations within the business world, but can spark moments of creativity to help you in your innovation.


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The content and services offered by Boldis Enterprises reflect the hardships university students endure while initializing their digital business. All artciles and tutorials offered are designed to take these factors into account and lead aspiring entrepeneurs to results.


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A Team Of Professionals

Alexandra boldis


With years of creative and technical writing experience, Alexandra focuses her passion within the business and renewable energy industries. Knowing she wanted to realize a business starting early on, she made it her mission to develop Boldis Enterprises; an informational platform for students in higher education who choose to embark on their mission into creating their digital business.


What We Do Best

modern methodoloigies

Tutorials are based on modern solutions meant to integrate well with contemporary business industries.

quality content

Each content piece is written in detail to provide as much information as possible sufficing maximum clarity.

digital convenience

Any and all solutions/content pieces provided by Boldis Enterprises are offered digitally.

Leading & initiating projects

We design our tutorials to help you apply all that you’ve learned into your own business. Initiating is the first step.

business designs

All strategies recommended by Boldis Enterprises are varied to best suit your needs. Multiple designs are offered. 

connecting with students

We understand the importance of connecting with students, and thus configured all informational texts to simpler concepts and language for efficent learning.

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